PushMyLimits publishing was founded in early 2016 and is a proud member of PASA (The Publishers’ Association of South Africa). We have assisted authors with getting their books published. The journey from first draft to self published author can be achieved very reasonable price.

  • The author retains copyright.
  • ISBN registration.
  • The author pays for the production cost of the publication.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Our design team will create the perfect cover and back page for your book.
  • The layout of your book will be produced in line with international standards.
  • E-books can be uploaded to Amazon for worldwide sales.
  • We can print copies to the author from 50 to 500 books.
  • PTY Registration
  • Vat Registration Number
  • Tax Number
  • BEE Affidavit
  • Domain and Email
  • Business Card
  • Logo Design
  • Bank Account